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DLS freight consolidation programs offer an efficient and cost-effective way to gain better control over your company’s supply chain by consolidating smaller shipments into a larger load.  Less-Than-Truckload shipments will always be present.  DLS can provide consolidation programs specific to your needs.  We have the customer base to combine your shipments with like products of our current customers, reducing the cost per pound for each company.

Freight Consolidation that Answers Your Company’s Needs

DLS employs our state-of-the-art routing software, extensive carrier network and food industry expertise to consolidate your products with other shipments along similar routes to reduce your overall shipping costs. Along with these lower shipping rates, added benefits include reduced transit schedules, smaller inventories, and a decrease in handling fees.  We deliver your company’s products regardless of load size.  However, at DLS, we do our best to reduce the burden of the considerably higher costs associated with smaller shipments.  We are continuously working to optimize your logistics operations and increase efficiency.

Why Choose DLS to Deliver Your Freight Consolidation Solutions?

DLS knows the ins and outs of freight consolidation, along with the general supply chain management and logistics industry. While many logistics companies can provide freight consolidation services, what sets DLS apart lies behind our foundation and motivation for developing our company in the first place.

With deep knowledge and experience, in the supply chain management, we have perfected freight consolidation services to a high level of efficiency and output, all with the goals of delivering cost savings and premium services to our customers. We want to spare your company’s bottom line as much as possible, and know how instrumental freight consolidation can be in obtaining such a goal.

At DLS, our years in the field have taught us what works well, what works reasonably well, and what does not work at all. We created DLS out of a desire to fill a void in the logistics industry.  We work to understand your company’s operations, as well as your culture and practices. We work hand in hand with your management team in order to create successful logistics solutions designed to thrive continuously. Our company is a dependable, knowledgeable logistics company that operates honestly because we know that communication and integrity are keys to success. And, of course, we consider your company’s success our company’s success.

Learn More About Freight Consolidation with DLS

If you would like to learn more about how DLS can solve your company’s freight consolidation concerns, contact our company today at (450) 510-1123. We can provide your company with a quote for our services and answer any questions you might have about our freight consolidation practices or anything else related to our logistics services!

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